Your Guide to Going from Coach Pitch to Kid Pitch

One of the single most asked questions we get is "How do we go from coach pitch to kid pitch? This is so different!" You're exactly right. This is a tough transition, but you can use this time to develop your athlete, improve his/her confidence, and set him/her up for success. 

For You as the Parent

Please know that you will have to face the time that your son/daughter will be afraid of the ball. Please do not make a big deal out of this. A player being afraid of a pitched ball is nothing new. This is a common problem to address since baseball/softball began. Here are the ways that you need to handle fear of the ball.

1. The very first and most important thing to teach is balance in the stance. The key to hitting is balance.

A. You must get your hitter to be twice their shoulders width in the hitting stance.

B. Teach that seventy percent of their weight is on the back leg.

C. Make sure that the back knee is slightly inside their back foot.

2. Throw batting practice using tennis...

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The Right Way to Develop Your Athlete's Hitting

Do you have a young student athlete who is just learning to hit? Maybe you would describe your young hitter as inconsistent. Do you feel like you understand when your child is hitting correctly and when he/she is hitting incorrectly? 

We want you to be able to help your athlete reach his/her full potential when it comes to hitting, so here is the best way to developing your athlete's hitting.

1. Balance is the key to hitting. The objective of the pitcher is to get the hitter off-balance. You must develop your hitter is such a way that he/she consistently stays on balance.

    A. A hitter must get to twice their shoulders width to be on balance. This truth has been known and tested for years. The hitter must have the weight on the balls of the feet. To execute this, the hitter needs to bend forward at the ankles and slightly at the knees.

     B. A hitter must also have the weight distribution in the stance with seventy percent of the weight of...

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The 3 Things Every Ball Parent Must Focus On

Hey Parent!?! What do you focus on while watching your child’s game?

Baseball/softball are games of failure. The only sport where you are almost guaranteed to fail more than you succeed while playing offense (hitting) and defense takes a great deal of mental focus to be successful. The culture of the experience is naturally intense and stressful by nature for the players, and as a parent, you have the opportunity to support your child and help him/her reach his/her fullest potential.

My goal is to help you understand how to help your child succeed while playing.

1. Focus on fun! Enjoy the process and understand the result on the scoreboard is really not that important. When you enjoy your child’s game, you’re communicating to your child that you enjoy him/her. Your fun will result in your child loving the game more and engaging more.

2. Focus on the positives. Your child will think of the challenges of the game as positive or negative based on what you say. Your...

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