When should you specialize in one sport?


There is a growing trend in youth sports that, quite frankly, is dangerous on some levels and misleading on others. This is the ever-increasing myth that you NEED to specialize at an early age if you want to have the best opportunities to play at the NextLVL. The age of ‘getting exposure’ and ‘staying ahead’ is in full swing in our society. Why do we have this feeling now of ‘being behind’ if we don’t specialize in one sport as young as 8,9, or 10 years old?

The first reason to delay your specialization is the increased chance of injury for your athlete. There is a growing number of arm issues and growth plate injuries because young athletes are not giving their bodies a chance to rest. Our bodies were not designed to play the same sport and do the same activity year around. Professional athletes don’t play as much as some of our young athletes in today's society. There is no long-term benefit to taking that risk of Tommy John surgery...

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