Brian Doyle

Brian Doyle serves as Director of Curriculum with Global Youth Baseball Federation concentrating on player development, missionary training and all training curriculum. Brian signed a professional baseball contract out of high school in 1972 with the Texas Rangers. In 1976 he was traded to the New York Yankees. When the Yankees won the World Series in 1978, Brian was the leading hitter with a .438 average. In 1981 Brian played with the Oakland A's. Unfortunately, his playing career was shortened by a shoulder separation the following year. In 1992 Brian was inducted into Major League Baseball’s Chapel Hall of Faith which has honored only 4 players for their Christian faith during and after their playing career.  He also is an emeritus consultant of NEXTLVL Sports Institute.


Brian has a very broad experience in management and baseball. He was Major League Baseball National Cross-checker Scout, Minor League Manager, Spring Training on-field coordinator, Instructional League on-field coordinator, and a Major League coach. He was involved in all these facets as he directed the Doyle Baseball Academy. Brian is an ordained Baptist Minister. In the past he served as pastor of evangelism, provided pastoral care, led evangelistic revivals, organized Christian men retreats, and spearheaded team building forums for corporations throughout the United States. Brian loves to share the love of Christ through the game of baseball and even though he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2014, he continues to share his passions whenever and however he can.  Brian and his wife Connie live in Newnan, Georgia. They have a son, Kirk, and a daughter, Kristin and 5 Grandchildren.

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