2019 NEXTLVL Evaluation and Tryouts

Doyle’s NEXTLVL Baseball & Softball Academy’s curriculum was initially established by our Emeritus Brian Doyle who was a founder, director & writer of curriculum for the Doyle Academy in Central, Fl. established in 1978. The family, including Brian played professionally, managed, scouted, ran a draft, coached, advised & represented many players in the MLB.

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Below are a few Program ALUMNI names you may recognize. Since the early 80’s there are easily over 10,000 alumni that played professionally or collegiately. Thousands went on to coach High School and College. Many became professional instructors & some even became managers / coaches in the MLB & MiLB.

J.D. Drew 

Stephen Drew 

Josh Hamilton 

Orel Hershiser

Charles Johnson 

Shed Long

Manny Machado 

Trey Mancini 

David Martinez 

Jody Reed 

Brian Roberts 

Gary Sheffield 

Walt Wiess ... & many, many more. 


From soon to be HOF player Orel Hershiser to MLB Rookie Shed Long to the player that we meet tomorrow with their same drive. These are not just local names that played in or for a local team / organization. These are not all athletic freaks of nature. All these players have certain things in common. These players were & are STUDENTS of the game who craved knowledge and became Graduates of our MVP Program. Memorize / Visualize / Personalize. These men are no strangers to... Personal Discipline, Ownership, Focusing on their weaknesses, recognizing opponents weaknesses, making pitch to pitch adjustments & always being a STUDENT first. 


“The only way to get better is to get smarter.” - Brian Doyle 

Are you ready to take it to the next level? 

Joshua 1:8


🚨 NEXTLVL CURRENT ROSTERS are Players from GA, AL, TN, NC, SC, KY!!!!! College Players from GA, TN, AL, TX, FL.


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Event Details: 

EVENT LOCATION: Mount Paran North (1700 Allgood Road, Marietta, GA)

Contact us at (678) 687-7500 or [email protected]


Tryout Fee: $50 per player

NEXTLVL Player Evaluation (optional): $100 per player / Payments can be made by cash, check, or credit card at check-in

Ages / Dates / Times 


Monday: July 8, 15, 22, 29 (6-8pm)


Wednesday: July 10, 17, 24, 31 (6-8pm)


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""I've been in professional baseball for most of my life. I can tell you Doyle's NEXTLVL program teaches the game using techniques and information no one has. I highly recommend any player to take advantage of what they have to offer.""

Chris Chambliss

""These guys teach what only 2% of all baseball guys in America teach. It's the best I've seen and I've seen it all.""

Jesse Barfield
Toronto Blue Jays - MLB

""Thank you, NEXTLVL for assisting me in the true process on and off the field. My goal was to take my talent as far as I could while giving the Glory to God and you have helped me do just that.""

Shedd Long
Seattle Mariners - MLB

""These guys are not only great teachers of the game, they have always been students first. It's great watching them work.""

Ron Guidry
New York Yankees - MLB

""Godly Men that focus on teaching life lessons through baseball experiences. They also teach the lost fundamentals of the game each and every day.""

Dale Murphy
Atlanta Braves - MLB

""Doyle's NEXTLVL uses step-by-step methodology based on a true baseball curriculum. There is no better organization for baseball players that want to be pushed physically, mentally, and spiritually.""

Brian Doyle
New York Yankees - MLB

2019 NEXTLVL Evaluation and Tryouts

Every athlete receives a systematic approach in our teaching sessions so that they can (themselves) work on things at home on their own. We simply empower young minds, bodies & talent.


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